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While our specialty is repairing appliances, both large and small, we can accommodate any appliance needs you may have. If you need a new appliance installed, let our trained technicians take care of it quickly and reliably. We have over 20 years of experience and understand how to do the job right. Our prices for both service and installation are also the lowest in the area, and our parts and labor warranties apply to this work, as well. Our extended hours are convenient for our customers who are at work during the day, as we install appliances from 9 a. m. every day. When you have made a significant investment in a home appliance, it makes sense to have a qualified professional install and maintain it to protect your investment. You can trust Appliance Master with your appliance repair, service and maintenance needs. We have built our business’ success by earning the trust of our customers. Starting your own restaurant can be an exciting time, however there are many things you need to consider and organise to ensure the smooth running of your business, such as reliable and friendly staff, trained chefs, plenty of seating and also the advertising and marketing to attract new customers.

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This enabled the service center to tell customers that the invoice at their end showed that the service fee had been waived. This was the catch: The two versions of each invoice showed the same totals; it was only the breakdown of costs that didn’t match. The mismatching breakdowns, when explained, were confusing to customers. Furthermore, customers who called to complain about charges were likely dissatisfied with other aspects of the service call besides the bill. These other sources of dissatisfaction colored their perceptions of SR, predisposing them to interpret the company’s billing practices as incompetent versus fraudulent. But was there fraud in the picture?I believe it was self serving incompetence, but it could initially look like fraud to customers and authorities.

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With regular maintenance and repair, your restaurant equipment should last for many years to come, and work like they are brand new.

We think you’ll prefer the way we do business as its fair and practical for everyone involved.

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