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Verdict: Fix it yourself. Unplug the refrigerator, loosen dirt with a soft bristle brush, then vacuum. It could be: The gaskets the rubber strips that seal the doors shut. com. To install a gasket $40 to $60; see Where to Find Parts and Service, at the end of this article, take out the old one and screw the new one in, making sure the door is properly aligned. It could be: Frost buildup in a self defrosting freezer. A bad thermostat or compressor could be at fault. Parts and labor will cost $100 to $175, says repairman Eric Kleinert, who writes the appliance repair blog erickleinert. blogspot. com. If the compressor is shot, you should ditch the machine see How to Dispose of Appliances, at the end of this article.

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They're quieter, more efficient and more effective, she said. Manufacturers have responded to issues of reliability in part by shrinking the typical warranty down to one year, compared with up to five years for large parts several years ago, Lehrman said. There could be many reasons that appliances don't last as long as they once did, including the greater reliance on plastic parts and thinner metal, but repair experts say the biggest reason is that energy saving features and electronic components have made appliances more complicated and therefore more error prone. A favorite example among repair experts is the compressor used in refrigerators, which has shrunk to meet energy guidelines. Refrigerators are now far more efficient but also more likely to fail. Another example: Dishwashers today consume about one fifth the amount of water they used just a few years ago. But the water saving change has boosted service calls from homeowners concerned about performance. "They use a lot less water," Smith said. "That affects performance, and people are disappointed. " But perhaps the greatest culprit is the increased reliance on electronics and computers. From simple LED displays to moisture sensors and Wi Fi adapters, appliances have far more electronics, which brings a greater chance of failure.

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